Rings Of Fire

When Rev Donald Trump predicted in 2008 that “rings of fire” would circle the globe in 2009 many were shocked. While nobody was able to understand what he was referring to, many people noticed a connection with the Biblical reference to the fiery serpent that Satan used to entice Eve in the Garden of Even-Tree. Many Christians remain confused about the significance of this reference. Even the Rev. The Rev. Donald Trumpeters in the United States may have struggled to comprehend what “ringsof fire” was all about as nations prepare for war.

If you listen to the books of popular authors such as Malcolm Gladwell, Faith Popcorn, Daniel Pinkham, and others, you’ll learn the meaning behind “rings of fire” mean for Christians all over the world. Although this isn’t directly a reference to volcanoes there is an analogy that could still be drawn. Jesus described the situation of the woman at the well to the eruptions of the volcano when he cautioned her in the Mark’s Gospel of Mark. The woman believed that He was referring to her having sex with numerous men when He said, “You will not enter the kingdom of heaven,” but instead, the eruption of Mount volcano put her and her entire household into danger. Given this, I believe it’s my job as pastor to help our congregation to understand and live by the prophetic role of the volcanic landscape of our great nation that is the Western Wall.

For those who don’t know the 21st century will see the largest eruption of the Yellowstone volcano in recorded history. God has ordained this fiery disaster as a test on the world. There will be smoke, sulfur, and the Great Red Volcano is set to explode into a huge storm, flooding, and God’s anger. Jesus warned us about the danger awaiting those who worship at the temple in Jerusalem. As I am sitting in my prayer area at church, I wonder whether I’ve taught my members the right information about this incredible natural phenomenon that is likely to occur in our lives.

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